From One Side Of The Cattle Guard To The Other

In Prose by nativesinamerica

By Kentaro Herder

I was able to go home for a short while in June after my first year in school and it was nice, familiar, but it was all too much the same.  Change is still needed.  And as Natives in America, we must continue to strive for change.  Positive change.

Earth, the moon, the stars, and everything in between spin a million miles per second when I am at school.  I worry about the shoes I will be wearing in ten years, where my parents will be, and whether or not everything will be okay.  Then, when I return home.  When I make my way pass the freeways, over the mountains, and through the red painted desert, time freezes.  The world stops spinning and it is back to worrying about the little things.  Food in the fridge, gas money, and watching the days fall off the calendar.  Terrified, trying to prepare for what is to come next semester.  When in all honesty, I will never be prepared for the pain and heat again.  But until then, I just need to keep enduring;