By Kirsten Shaw

I had the chance to stand behind Bernie Sanders with my mom and I felt so lucky. I had seen him speak in San Jose but wasn’t as focused as I was today. Standing behind Bernie literally and figuratively was so empowering. To be the next generation of voters was something that gets me excited. I’ve never got this excited to go out and vote because I wasn’t of age. I can’t wait to see what Bernie does for this great nation. Especially for minority’s.

I held up a sign that said “‪#‎NativeVoters‬” because I wanted people to know that Natives are standing behind Bernie who are going to go out and vote for him. He, along with Obama, are the only presidential candidates who have felt so strongly towards Natives to the point of standing up for us. When it comes time to vote, you can really vote for anyone. Although, I hope you make the right choice and vote for a man who believes that all races and genders should be treated as equal. I think he’s our only hope. I would like to thank the people of for coming out to support this great leader. Also, a big thanks to the person who chose me and my mom to stand behind Mr. Sanders. Let’s give America something to believe in. Let’s give them Bernie. ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬