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  1. Rose Aguilar says:


    I host Your Call, a daily public radio show on KALW in San Francisco. We’ve been unsuccessfully trying to reach Chiitaanibah Johnson. We’d like her to join us tomorrow to discuss Native American history and her recent experience at Sac State. The show airs from 10-11am PT. Can you please send pass along my contact information?


  2. Brenda Challender says:

    Hello! I recently read the piece that Loralee Sepsey wrote on JK Rowling’s misappropriation of Native American culture, and I wanted to reach out about portrayal advice. There’s a story I’d like to write eventually in which one of the main characters is from the Hopi tribe; it’s a post-apocalyptic, fantastical story, so it’ll have some fantasy elements, but obviously I want to do right by the people I’m trying to represent, and make sure I portray Native American culture tastefully and appropriately. Do you have any recommendations on resources for making sure I do it right?

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