By Taylor Schad “One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk.” Crazy Horse If you are to know anything about Native America know that wherever you go, you are on Indigenous land.  Although a lot of the tribes that once roamed that land no longer occupy it, it is still sacred. Often […]

By Abaki Beck My grandmother once told me she was a class bully at the government run school that punished her for being Blackfeet and buried her classmates on the school grounds She told me she spoke back to teachers and had to be punished The same school trained my uncle to be a butcher […]

By Doris Nicole Brown Caution: if you take pride in America and it’s government and influences, click the back button because this may hurt your feelings. Yes, I am Native. But, I will no longer claim my nationality. I am not American, by choice. As you all know, Indian Country has been suffering for months […]

By Mia Ritter-Whittle to all my native sisters,  i cannot gather enough words to explain my thankfulness for you. i think about you often, everyday. i write about you seldom, because i am afraid i cannot find the words to capture your beauty, strength, consistence.  english shows limits for bounds you do not know.  the […]

By Corey Ashley Baa Nits’ínkees… You did not understand So you called us savage and branded us uncivilized   Baa Nits’ínkees… You did not understand So you scorched the land and poisioned the water   Baa Nits’ínkees… You did not understand So you scribbled our treaties and determined our rights   Baa Nits’ínkees… You did […]