By Kentaro Herder mother, bury me   there is only rain where i am only rain to dilute my tears showers of rain to wash the sand from my brown body   there is no sand where i am no sand to clump my tears not one to mend and blend the scars on my […]

By Kentaro Herder I just talked to my mom on the phone and I asked her about the one gray cow on the rug my grandma wove and why the others are red. She just laughed and said it’s beautiful and interesting to wonder what her silly mind thought of. Now I’m sitting here trying […]

By Karonhiakwe:kon Parker Just a little over six years ago, I left college and entered a training program to become an EMT (emergency medical technician).  I hated college.  I had just moved from my hometown of Kahnawa:ke, Quebec, a small Indian Reserve in Canada to Salt Lake City, Utah, and felt totally dissatisfied and alone.  I […]

Some thoughts on today from our incredible team: “There’s a lot of pain that’s comes along with a holiday celebrating the genocide of my people, but there’s also a lot of power. There’s a pride and a power that comes from still existing, from having survived genocide, from knowing our cultures still continue to thrive. […]

By Kirsten Shaw Starting your first day of school can be nerve racking. Figuring out where your classes are. Worrying about where to sit for lunch, who to sit next to. The feeling that everyone is looking at you. This time last year I was packing up my bags and traveling three thousand miles to […]