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Dear Stanford Administration

In Letters by nativesinamerica

By Leo John Bird Dear Provost Etchemendy and President Hennessy: I am so tired and sad. Weeks have gone by since the faculty senate’s decision to reaffirm Stanford’s commitment to Indigenous community, identity, dignity and space. Decades have gone by since students of color have advocated for decolonized spaces on campus. Spaces that directly challenge, silence, and work against various …

For Unci Iktomi

In Poetry by nativesinamerica

By Talon Bazille Ducheneaux For my grandma Helena Harrison-Spider, Unci Iktomi. Most horror movies take place On an “Indian burial ground” I’d like to see the old cackling Lakota and Dakota boys Squinting w/cheek-to-cheek smiles Their cracked skin Covered with facial creeks of knowledge And spiritual experience Laughing When the flies filled An old Amityville house With a Scooby-Doo laugh-track, …


In Prose by nativesinamerica

By Julia Wakeford “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” We’ve all heard the phrase before, its often used to teach our children not to insult others, to keep their negative thoughts on the inside. Political Correctness functions in a similar way. It simply puts a pretty face on bigotry and stereotypes. As a …

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Privileging Education

In Poetry by Abaki Beck

my hand was cut off I stood there bleeding, crying. But when my tears dried, I convinced myself it was nothing. I am in college now, I learn things now. Yet when I return I don’t even know how to talk without sounding so damn condescending what’s wrong with you, this is your cousin I think When I return, I …

The Contemporary Cherokee

In Prose by nativesinamerica

By Tennessee Loy What is a contemporary Cherokee? The answer the age-old question of what exactly Native American identity is. No one person knows what Native American Identity is, I am just Cherokee. I have the Cherokee experience, you will get no argument from me that we Cherokee are the most overly claimed tribal identity. The 2000 federal census states …

Culture Is Health

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By Karonhiakwe:kon Parker Just a little over six years ago, I left college and entered a training program to become an EMT (emergency medical technician).  I hated college.  I had just moved from my hometown of Kahnawa:ke, Quebec, a small Indian Reserve in Canada to Salt Lake City, Utah, and felt totally dissatisfied and alone.  I spent a lot of time …

Being Choctaw In This Moment

In Prose by nativesinamerica

By Bridgette Annalyse Jameson Perhaps the title should be “Being Indigenous in this Moment” because surely my brothers and sisters from other tribes, nations, and countries can relate. There is a multitude of emotions being felt because of this case; a multitude of wounds being opened, triggered by different bits and pieces of the story at hand. Lexi, (also known as …

A’o’tsévôhomó’hestôtse (Victory Dance!)

In Prose by nativesinamerica

By Kaden Walksnice Ancestral Cheyenne Homelands at Naahéo’hé’e(Otter Creek) are closer to being protected by coal development. Arch Coal is one of the World’s top largest coal producers for the global power generation industries and we have stopped them from mining on Cheyenne lands! On March 10th Arch Coal released a statement announced the suspension of the Proposed Otter Creek …

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How Do We Define American Nationalism Today?

In Prose by Celeste Kimimila Terry

How do we define an American today, are we relying upon a civic or ethnic definition of nationalism? Which do you believe should be the determining factor for an American? Why? “American” without the hyphen connotes “white” whilst all others are hyphenated people of color, this assumption of ethnic nationalism is very alive and well today. It is a protected …

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Further Response to the Desecration of Sumeg Village

In Prose by nativesinamerica

By Sinéad Talley A response to a piece originally posted here  I’d like to preface this letter by saying that we do not need another piece attacking or degrading those who display ignorance and a lack of respect for Native cultures. Even more importantly, we do not need another piece that promotes negative perceptions of Native peoples. That’s been done. As …