The Love I Learned From Dr. King

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By Talon Ducheneaux Hau, mitakyapi, I want to start by saying pilamaya yelo, thank you, for everyone and everything that granted me permission to be here and speak today. I find myself waking up to this thought more and more each morning: “I shouldn’t be here.” I plan on showing you that this thought actually has a positive connotation behind …


In Prose by nativesinamerica

By Kentaro Herder  I have a favorite place. A place where I breathe in all that is beautiful, magnificent, and golden. The air is crisp. Calmly, my lungs expand with the morning breeze that picks up the red sand. Quietly, I can feel blood coursing through my body as I watch the veins of my hometown, Kayenta, and the surrounding …

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My Journey With Hip Hop

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By Talon Ducheneaux ​Without music, I don’t think I would have made it this far in life. That’s a bit dramatic and cliché isn’t it? Allow me to explain. ​My name is Talon Bazille Ducheneaux. I am 21 years old, studying psychology at the University of Pennsylvania (in Philadelphia). I am a proud Lakota and a proud Dakota. There are …