Not In Our School

By Kirsten Shaw

Dear Class of 2015,

I’m not an angry person normally but I would like to bring attention to lunch today! I’m Native American from my mom’s side and today I saw a prom asking that far crossed the line. I don’t know the name of the asker, but all I know is that he wore a fake costume Native American headdress and it was sickening. I normally am quiet and don’t speak up much only around my close friend circle but honestly what the group did today was far beyond horrifying. I understand you may be uneducated (unless you took class with the same history teacher I have who is an amazing advocate for Native Americans) but this does not mean you can just be racist. I’m utterly disappointed and especially during a week with no hate and bullying. I felt bullied at a distance and sick to my stomach. You can laugh and make jokes if you want but that’s not going to change my feelings towards the people who were inconsiderate. I just hope you all can learn from it and learn that this isn’t right and that if any other race was attacked silently like this you also would be angered.

Thanks for listening.

Your fellow Native,

-Kirsten Shaw