No Title

By MC Rhetorik

She held higher than the sum of queens and kings above human beings, she can only be described as celestial being, only concerned with truly being, truly living free brings mortal men to their knees she’s the stream to the sea of bliss follow her..she walks amongst the mist brings warmth hence forth when she leads don’t blink, you’ll miss what she’s bringing autumn’s eve I’ve not only seen it but felt it in my genes, it’s not what you think – I’ve been given meaning in her presence its healing .. Find peace in Her voice so appealing, dancing from her lips to lick each sentence revealing with no words need be speaking or spoken. She connects with intellect invoking everything I’ve been feeling and been searching for.. Ayo Am I dreaming ? Ayo Am I dreaming?. No no no..I’m reading fantasy in the flesh, her purity leads me to be the best her energy is kept and stored in my core to live forever and bring forth a better day no rest or breaks her love never sleeps, even through closed eyes she can see. Me. In the form of heartbeats links between worlds bringing remedy like the link from mic chord damn. I need more. Put a stop to the war, and let the struggle rest at sea shore.