Privileging Education

my hand was cut off

I stood there bleeding, crying.

But when my tears dried,
I convinced myself it was nothing.

I am in college now,

I learn things now.

Yet when I return I don’t even know how to talk

without sounding so damn condescending

what’s wrong with you, this is your cousin

I think

When I return, I complain about their body language

You’ve been away too long, you’ve forgotten our ways, my girl!

he laughs

I look down to where my hand once was

my body still functions

I run further, further forwards

Don’t worry grandma I’m not that far away

This is how you are educated, you leave

I run farther, farther away

Yet when I reach back,

claim I am still connected,

claim I still know what it’s like to be there

I cannot reach


because I cut off my own hand