A Letter From Our Founder

Dear Natives In America family,

Three years ago, I decided to start a platform dedicated to Native youth voices, where their stories could be told unapologetically and without censoring. I knew there was nothing like it that existed, and hoped it would move into the future as a source of knowing for those wondering who we were as Indigenous people in the 21st century.

Earlier in 2018, I missed a payment on the hosting site, and because the timing lapsed for too long – we lost all of our online content. It was my mistake, I take full ownership, and I have shared my (very human) reflections with the team.

To the writers and the readers, I am deeply sorry.

Our incredible webmaster Celeste Kimimila Terry has recovered 49 of our pieces, and for that we are deeply grateful.┬áThe question remains for us as a family on how to move forward – do we thrive on a new era, or try to keep some of the old and relive our favorite memories? I won’t move forward without the consensus of the writers, and look forward to seeing who we can be for the future. Together we will make a decision that makes the most sense for our words and our hearts.

We so appreciate all of the love you have given to us as our readers.